The Greatest Mistake a Politician Can Make is to Wake an Army of Sleeping Giant Constituents & Turn Them into Grass-Roots Fighters.

Are the people of Lake County and all of Florida finally waking up?

Most people don’t give much thought to politicians… those who continually chase the limelight of the stage and the glory of endless representative power.

Regular American Patriots are just too busy living — building a life and future for themselves and their family.

Most Americans have NO interest in ever holding political office. Rather, we vote for someone we TRUST to do the work and we expect those we christen with our trusted vote to always hold our best interests at heart.

At the very least — we expect them as fellow Americans to have basic common sense and do the right thing that makes the most logical sense at the time.

But the problem today is while we’re all distracted with life, these judas-politicians with the best of intentions in the beginning are slowly corrupted and silently betray us for a few shekels of silver — usually in the form of project approval pay-backs to friends, benefactors and to enrich their own coffers.

This is the problem with our political system today. Many seek public office not to serve but to scheme and strategize policies, plans and projects that will make them rich.

The 19th century British historian Lord Acton famously declared that “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Lord Acton said “Great men are almost always bad men…”

But notice… he didn’t say “Rich men”.

It has been said that a poor man should never be allowed to run for public office. There should be a prerequisite that you accomplish something great in the private sector to achieve true financial freedom before you qualify to run for public office.

While this might seem very Un-American, follow the logic. Politics should not be a form of wealth creation. Politics is serving the people’s interests. Period.

A man who has already achieved great wealth and power by his own hand answers to no man and usually will not stand to be bullied or bribed by anyone. And as long as this man maintains his fear of the final judge and the account he will be expected to render at the end of his life — he is a man that at least initially — can truly be trusted to do the will of the people and never betray them.

This is why the majority of Americans voted for and absolutely love President Trump — because he was NOT a politician.

Trump is Everyman.

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that President Trump, as a self-made man and billionaire, was beholden to no one and refused to be bullied or bribed. Trump could not be turned… and that is why the corrupt elites of the world hate him and ALL the people — democrats, independents and republicans — love him.

Americans are quick to forgive many wrongs but we cannot stand the sting of betrayal.

Americans cannot stand a traitor.

Someone who has been granted the power of the people, holds a very special fiduciary duty under God to serve only the best interests of the people. In the past, those granted positions of leadership who betrayed the people and sold out their country for profit — were many times sent to meet God early and replaced.

In the United States, the traditional form of removal for corrupt politicians is either arrest or the voting booth — yet now we see in this most recent election that even this has been manipulated and corrupted by them.

But if you haven’t been paying attention, the World is now waking up.

It’s being called a “Great Awakening”.

Americans across the country and throughout Florida — including Lake County — are now beginning to pay attention and they are beginning to see the problem all along has been corrupt politicians.

Most of the problems we face as a nation today can be directly attributed to corrupt politicians who implement bad policies, programs and plans to divide the people and keep them distracted — while they unjustly enrich themselves and their friends.

But all politicians be warned and take notice — the time for honoring yourself and betraying the people you were elected to represent will soon be at an end.

Because what is waking up today — in Lake County and all of Florida — is not just a single American Patriot…

It’s an army of angry constituent Patriots who are now paying attention and have joined the fight with a new weapon.

This army now has a very powerful collective citizen reporter social media voice to uncover lies, expose back-room, under-the-table deals and move the masses with the truth at the speed of light.

It’s a weapon so powerful and devastatingly effective that it can literally destroy a political career in a weekend.

(I hope you’re taking notes)

The stories say that Judas was a trusted disciple of Jesus and that he betrayed his leader, agreeing to turn him over to a crowd led by the chief priests in exchange for money — 30 pieces of silver.

Judas was really no different than the politicians of today. Those who tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get elected and then literally stab you in the back by undermining everything you believe in —all for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

Knowing in advance what he was going to do, Jesus confronted Judas at the last supper, telling him…

“What you are about to do, do quickly.”

So, as we approach this coming week, knowing in advance what you are going to do — we will say the same.

What you are about to do, do quickly.

Do it quickly so the constituent army in Lake County and all of Florida that you are waking up can get to work to ensure you never hold political office ever again.

— GhostVindex

Let Lake County Commissioners know you want to STOP Scott Boyd & McKinnon Groves




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