No Words… Help Stop Scott Boyd & McKinnon Groves.

Scott Boyd McKinnon Groves Raccoon Being Evicted by Deforestation


NO WORDS are necessary.

These are the lands Scott Boyd is going to tear up.

THIS is what Scott Boyd & McKinnon Groves will do if they get an approval.

In less than 24 hrs, this is what Lake County Commissioners led by Chairman Sean Parks will vote to approve or deny.

The ONLY QUESTION that really needs to be answered here is WHAT DO THE RESIDENTS OF LAKE COUNTY WANT?

A survey of the people of Lake County revealed an overwhelming majority (85%) thought overdevelopment and growth was too much and too fast.

The majority ranked PROTECTING the habitat & natural areas as the NUMBER ONE priority in Lake County.

The majority expressed a desire to SLOW GROWTH and PRESERVE their RURAL LIFESTYLE and PRESERVE the environment.

86% stated preserving open space was very important

40% indicated they wanted absolutely NO NEW RESIDENTIAL GROWTH. (almost half the residents of the county)

This data was compiled by Lake County department of Growth Management…

In 2006


I normally don’t like to provide advice to politicians, but I’m going to break the rules for this one.

I’m going to direct this to all five Lake County Commissioners and I want them to consider and reflect long and hard this evening upon the awesome power of what has been taking place over the last several months.

Ignore this at your own peril.

The Facebook campaigns to STOP McKinnon Groves have reached over 200,000 residents of Lake County.

There are 367,000 residents in the entire county.

There are only 264,691 registered voters as of November 2020.

212,505 Lake County residents VOTED in the November election.

The Facebook campaigns have reached over 200,000 residents who have viewed content.

Did these campaigns reach all the active voters in the county you think?

Over 32,000 have directly engaged with the content which means they have viewed and commented, liked or shared etc.

(Just FYI — Facebook experts will tell you 2% engagement is great.)

The STOP McKinnon Groves message has reached over 200,000 residents in a county where only 212,505 voted in the last election.

Stop and let that sink in…

I know politicians play sides and they usually jump on the side they feel has their bread best-buttered at the time.

Usually that is siding with developers and home builders to betray the people.

Not this time friends.

That is unless you like serving fries.

A really smart politician understands exactly where their BREAD is best-buttered…

What I can tell you from the data, is the sentiment is nearly UNANIMOUS in Lake County.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents — ALL ARE NEARLY UNANIMOUSLY OPPOSED to home builder overdevelopment.

So, I would submit to you the numbers the county compiled from 2006 are far higher today.

I’ll bet if you ask 100 random residents of Lake County if they’re AGAINST home builder overdevelopment — 99 out of 100 would say YES.

The 1% who say NO are usually home builder shills, elite area landowner families or those who just didn’t understand the question.

This is the big leagues now boys & girls.

If one values remaining on top to keep playing ball — then it would behoove them and probably be a REALLY SMART career move to LISTEN to the people who elected you — especially this time… and on this issue.

I don’t need to tell you what happens if the people of Lake County are betrayed… again.

Especially on this issue.

All you need to know, is this time — there are different players on the other team.

and these players are not aw-shucks good ol’ boy, country-bumpkins.

That old world is dead and dying.

I guess you could say there’s a new sheriff in town.

Trust me… you have never seen players like these and they are just getting warmed up.

Jedi media-marketing masters with all the resources in the world.

You have no idea… what is coming…

If the people of Lake County are betrayed…

On this issue. On this vote.

The facebook campaigns will continue… to line up replacements.

(just in case)

Our butter is grass-roots organic in case you’re wondering.

Happy Labor Day.

— GhostVindex




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